Git your WordPress on

WordCamp Buffalo 2013

Bringing love to WordPress worflows w/Git and Post-Receive Hooks

Mah name is Dennis

@gryghostvisuals ➹ on Twittah!

I freelance under Gray Ghost Visuals ➹. I'm also a member of ArcTap ➹ and work full-time for Mode ➹ as a front-end web developer.

I help make things like FRED ➹, Typeplate ➹, WP-FlexEffeckt.css, ➹ and the A11YProject ➹.

ZOMG! Where are your slides?

Once again they're right here

Say Hi to Octocat

He'll be making our lives simplistic! \o/

Pushing Code!!

A task that can make any developer go insane when done incorrectly.

What's a Post-Receive Hook?

When a push is made to your repository, Github will POST to your URL with a payload of JSON-encoded data about the push and the commits it contained

// Allows us to deploy to github and automagically pull in our changes to the live server
<?php `git pull`;

Super Awesome Surprise Time!

Yup! That's right. Everyone attending today will have access to a super dooper screen cast watching me work with WordPress and Git as you've seen demonstrated today. Why remember and take notes when you can watch whenever you want. I also demonstrate this technique using another service some may be familiar with called ➹ Bitbucket.

Enjoy last years presentation on building for the theme directory as well.

WOW! Already Demo time Jeff?